We supply four types of cabling; metallic and non-metallic, shielded and unshielded cables. When it comes to planning, cable installation and site preparation we build support infrastructure for preparing the site for installation of the cables and labelling. Before any installation can occur we conduct a site survey, determining the optimum positioning for equipment. After installation testing is conducted to assess basic troubleshooting of link components, thereafter physical infrastructure management is continuously implemented.


Structured Voice and Data Cabling

A well designed, certified structured cabling solution CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 (10GIG) will always facilitate easier growth, smooth changes and ensure a very stable and reliable physical layer. This is the cornerstone for any LAN to perform well.

We provide structured voice and data cabling solutions to the following ICT services:

  • Data
  • VoIP
  • Point Of Sale
  • Wireless Access Points
  • IP Television
  • Building Automation Services
  • Access Control
  • Other Network Peripherals

These solutions are designed using CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 (10GIG) programmes.

VoIP Design And Implementation

Gear Communicates with its strategic partners will consult, recommend and implement a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology that allows your business to cut telecommunications costs, while improving functionality. Regulatory restrictions have, in the past, prevented South African companies from cashing in on the benefits of joint voice and data network services.


The savings realized by clients may differ, depending on the nature of the phone calls being made and calling patterns. A typical business customer will generally experience a 30% cost saving by switching to a VOIP service. VoIP phones can be used anywhere and anytime, provided there is a broadband connection available. It's the simple, affordable way to communicate from - and to - anywhere in the world

VoIP Design And Implementation

This is a specialty service which includes network applications for LANs, MANs, WANs, SANs, intra-building and inter-building communications, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and telecommunication networks. Optical fibre better accommodates the increasingly complex network architectures while offering bandwidth durability, ease of installation, immunity to EMI/RFI, toleration of harsh environmental conditions and long-term economies. There are two types of optic fibre: multimode fibre and single-mode fibre.


Multimode fibre is best designed for short transmission distances and is suited for use in LAN systems and video surveillance.

Single-mode fibre is designed for longer transmission distances, making it suitable for long-distance telephony and multichannel television broadcast systems.


Our fibre optic installation teams are certified by the American Fibre Optic Association (FOA) to perform the following speciality services:

  • Fusion and mechanical splicing of Multimode and Single-mode fibre
  • End-to-end attenuation testing with OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set) and OTDR at their corresponding wavelengths with Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) and OTDR.
  • OLTS and OTDR signature trace documentation for as-built records, performance records and detailed fibre optic network design drawings
  • Air blown fibre and mini fibre cable services.


  • True Non line of site solutions with high availability and throughput
  • Point to point range off up to 200km
  • Broadband point to point communication - up to 300 Mbps
  • Carrier class cost effective solutions
  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Wi-Max Solutions
  • Intelligent bridging and routing


The Interconnect Systems electrical division are power and energy specialists. The workmanship is certified by both the Electrical Contractors Board and the Electrical Contractors Association.


Interconnect Systems offer the following:

  • Distribution Panels or Boards: design, manufacture and installation
  • Reticulation: consult, design and implementation of a fully compliant and certified system - commercial or industrial
  • Building Management systems: automation of building sites, i.e. access control, CCTV, and security monitoring
  • Alternative Power Systems: installation of a full range of imported UPS generators and inverters. A channel partnership with Schneider enables us to offer Green Power, either solar or wind
  • Energy Management: a service developed in response to the current energy situation
  • Maintenance: after care and maintenance of all installed systems

Facilities Monitoring And Response Solutions

Facilities monitoring and response solutions cover two main areas:

1) Building Management Systems; and

2) Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Systems


A Building Management System (BMS) consists of Software and Hardware and is a computer-based control system installed in buildings to control and monitor the mechanical and electrical components inside a facility e.g.ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

These systems are critical in today’s environment where managing energy demand is vital.

Building Management Systems also include a facility’s external environment with access control, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and motion detectors managing security aspects. Fire alarm systems and elevators are often linked to a BMS, for monitoring and response in case a fire alarm is triggered.


The term ‘Building Management System’ encompasses solutions for large and small facilities and often includes:

  • Power system
  • Lighting system
  • Electric power control system
  • Heating,Ventilation and Air-conditioning HVAC System
  • Security system with alarms and CCTV
  • Magnetic card and access system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Home Automation System

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the term used to refer to the integration of information technology (IT) and facility management disciplines allowing for the centralized monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data center's critical systems. It consists of two parts:

  • Management Software
  • Network planning and installation of, for example, sensor systems, power management solutions and monitoring.


Interconnect Systems has established partnerships with various solution providers, including APC by Schneider Electric. Their system offers extensive DCIM capabilities; Capacity Planning, Real-Time Monitoring, Environmental/Energy sensors and integration well with various types of external management systems and data sources.


The term ‘Converge IT’ refers to the convergence of Data Centre Management across the traditional logical and physical layers.

An effective Facilities Monitoring or DCIM enables data center managers to measure energy use, enabling safe operation at higher densities. In addition to enabling the comprehensive real-time monitoring, these tools also aid in facilitating long-term capacity planning; dynamic optimization of critical systems performance and efficiency; and efficient asset utilization.

Structure / Network Cabling Solutions

We specialize in the consultancy, design & installation of structured cabling systems with an emphasis on new construction & corporate relocations. Whether your network is ten computers or ten buildings, in a campus environment, the company can provide the copper & fibre optic cabling needed to connect voice & data across the LAN and WAN. The company also offers comprehensive testing and CAD documentation services. The business has experience in both vertical & horizontal connectivity projects spanning a wide variety of industry & commercial network cabling applications, as well as expertise in all aspects of network technologies & LAN solutions such as: CAT 5e, CAT 6(a) & Fibre Optic network design. A Gear design also incorporates important aspects like cross talk, bandwidth consideration, cable conformance, calculation of transmission error rates & important details often overlooked such as fire prevention, by using low smoke zero halogen cable & cable management.


Whether upgrading current cabling networks, relocating offices or updating facilities, As an solution we have the experience & capabilities to provide your IT staff with accurate scope of work, bid drawings & RFP documents that will eliminate costly change orders as the project unfolds.

Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems.


Structured cabling falls into six subsystem categories:

  • Entrance Facilities
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Telecommunication Rooms
  • Backbone Cabling

          Data Centre Design And Solutions

A data centre is a facility designed to house computer systems & associated components such as telecommunications & storage systems.

It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communication connections, environmental control (i.e. air conditioning & fire suppression) & security devices. All of these systems ensure 99.99% uptime, 24/7/365 days a year. With our modern day requirements IT operations are a critical aspect of most organisations. One of the main concerns is business downtime. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be affected or even completely stopped. It is imperative to provide reliable infrastructure for IT operations in order to minimize any chance of downtime.


'Green IT' and the understanding of 'Carbon Footprints' are terms fast becoming critical in the design of data centres as is 'Energy Efficiency'. Electricity usage costs have become an increasing fraction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for data centres. It is possible to dramatically reduce the electrical consumption of typical data centres through appropriate design of the network-critical physical infrastructure and through the design of the IT architecture. During the design phase of the data centre, will explain how to quantify the electricity savings and will provide examples of methods that can greatly reduce electrical power consumption.






We will provide the consultancy, design and build services required to deliver your data centre project within budget and on time.

Typical Components for Data Centre

  • 2 Hour Fire Rated / Contained Room / Environment
  • Fire Detection and Suppression System
  • Raised Floor (Cable Access / Cooling )
  • False Ceiling (Cable Access)
  • Fibre Optic and Structured Cabling Networks
  • Access Control (Tagged / Keypad / Biometrics)
  • Cooling Systems (Down Blow / In Row)
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Generator to supply UPS during Power Outages
  • Voltage Regulation (African Environments)
  • Cabinets for Switches and Patch Panels
  • Cabinets for Servers and Critical systems.
  • Steel Cages / Vaults for Hosting Environments
  • Monitoring and Surveillance Systems









Gear enjoys Gold Partner Status with industry specialists such as APC and Rittal, and receives constant product and solution updates and staff training. This also ensures that Gear is able to pass on the discounts it enjoys via these partnerships to you, the customer.

Racking Solutions are made up of the following components to make a complete system:

  • Rack
  • Power Distribution
  • Cooling
  • Security
  • Monitoring and Remote Management


A combination of all of these will ensure superior IT Performance. These solutions bring forward a new way of thinking and doing when it comes to high availability and energy efficient data centres. The 'In-Row' cooling air conditioning system family is designed for installation in a row of cabinets to maximize sensible cooling and increase efficiency. The units capture heat directly from the hot aisle (back of a server cabinet, where the bulk of the heat is generated) and distributes cool air to the front of the cabinets ensuring that equipment temperatures are constantly held at set point conditions. Models are available in air-cooled and water-cooled versions.


The systems are modular and scalable, which means it is easy to add on in the future should the requirement be there.

All systems are intelligent and monitor themselves for any failures, with built in redundancy to compensate for these failures until a technician can be on site to repair the fault at hand. It is precisely these new concepts and technologies that assist us to provide energy efficient data centres and ensure electricity cost savings.

Data And Telephony Cabling

Alpine Communications design the total network infrastructure, taking into account the installation requirements in terms of functionality and performance. Special attention is paid to cross-platform integration, as a badly designed network can cause major performance problems. All network installations are accomplished using an open system architecture' concept allowing the room for potential future growth. Each and every project is implemented with the highest standard of quality; with our customers' best interest our first priority. Our staff has been carefully selected for their expertise & experience within the various disciplines associated with ICT Infrastructure.


We provide MAC, (Moves, Adds, Changes), Troubleshooting & Repair, and Cabling Certification services quickly and efficiently. With a Certified System, all work will be warranted for a minimum of one year and in some cases, for the lifetime of the installation.


Alpine Communications' Cabling solutions include:

  • Structured cabling systems for voice, data security and video;
  • Multicore Backbone cabling;
  • Fibre Optic solutions

UPS Solutions

GEAR offers a full range of UPS systems that will meet the needs of any environment. GEAR enjoys partnership status with industry leaders in UPS technology and products. UPS systems supply power to mission critical equipment during unplanned outages, these systems are designed to provide power for a short period of time until an alternate source of energy can be supplied. This temporary/uninterrupted supply of power is supplied through the use of batteries. True on-line UPS units also ensure a clean supply of power to equipment, eliminating spikes and dips which can cause serious damage to electronic equipment.


Generator Systems

Our business supplies a full range of generator systems that will meet the needs of any environment. Generator systems are used to supply emergency power to mission critical equipment during a pro-longed outage experienced in a certain area. Power can be supplied whether the outage is because of a substation failure, grid failure or even load shedding. Generator systems usually run on Diesel, and are fitted with sound proof and weather proof enclosures. Open sets can be supplied and installed within specialized environments.

Inverter And Rectifier Solutions

The enterprise also provides inverter and rectifier solutions and these can be custom designed to suit any environment. The systems comprise of a set of batteries and a conversion, filtering and charging mechanism. Batteries are charged and power is then stored whilst mains or generator power is present. Should the mains or generator supply become unavailable, power will be drawn from the batteries and converted back to AC. These solutions work well to reduce diesel consumption were generator power is the primary or only source available.

Energy Saving Solutions

Voltage Regulation - AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

We have extensive experience in deploying emergency power solutions, within unstable environments, throughout the African continent. African infrastructure is most often not suitable and is subject to constant spikes and dips in the supply. In most of these cases a customer would install a generator system to compensate for the loss/instability of the supply.


Most generator systems are set to work within certain parameters. Due to these power infrastructure conditions, within Africa, generator systems often start up unnecessarily. AVR is new technology used to stabilize and clean the municipal/primary power supply before it reaches the generator, in order to ensure that it does not start up unnecessarily. The deployment of this type of technology will drastically reduce energy consumption.

Generator Systems

Maintenance and Service Level Agreements (SLA's)

Service contracts are provided and customized to various needs.

The company applies a collaborative account management approach, which creates a highly tailored relationship with built-in flexibility to address our clients changing business needs. The baseline for the service delivered is the agreement represented by a Service Level Agreement. Fundamental to both these concepts is agreement on what aspects of the service will be measured, how they will be measured and how these measurements will be reviewed by both the client’s expectation and our ability to deliver continual improvement.

The company is continually working on new ideas and technology(s) that increase return on investment reduce expenditure and energy consumption as well as reduce the effects on the environment.


Flyleads & Patch Cables

(Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Fiber Optic

(ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, etc.)


The humble flylead is the most overlooked component in a network, but ironically poor quality, mismatched or damaged flyleads are responsible for a disproportional amount of network failures. Infinity Cabling leads is high quality, correctly specified and supplied new with every installation.

Also available on a per unit basis


Cabinets & Racking Systems

19”, 24” and variants of equipment racking systems.

Wall mount cabinets, open racks etc.


Access Control / Time & Attendance / CCTV

- Biometrics (Fingerprint, Face Recognition)

- RF Proximity, Keypad verification etc. IP CCTV

- Full physical installation and / or IP cabling

  (excl. programming).

These products and associated software are supplied by Molex, Mega Net, Cisco, Aruba Networks, Communica, Legrand, E-Corporation Systems, Maveriks IT, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Adc Krone, Accsys, Trac-Tech and installed by ourselves to the desired level requested. All organisations offer a vast array of products and services to meet any need.


Racking Accessories

- Power ducts (RSA, EURO, UPS, etc). V&H mount

- Power protection

- Equipment trays

- Cable management

- Environmental monitoring (temp, moisture etc.)

- Miscellaneous fixings


Installation Equipment

This includes cable, connectors, network outlets, ducting, leads etc.

This may seem unusual for a cabling company but many of our customers are small network service companies who, with our advice and products are quite capable of undertaking simple installations themselves. The larger, more complex projects, are undertaken by Infinity Cabling on their behalf, as the resources required are more extensive.


IT Support Cabling Tools

These tools are intended for IT support staff to carry out basic diagnostics and minor repairs to cabling systems.


Video-feed Wireless Alarm System With Video Verification

  • Eskom FREE
  • Up to four years battery life
  • Two partitions
  • Combined indoor and outdoor systems
  • Day and night video verification
  • Prioritise your armed response


Integrates into The Following Alarm Monitoring Software:

  • Watch Manager
  • Listener
  • QT Watch
  • Patriot
  • ADSW
  • Mastermind


Security With Smart App Abilities:

Video feed meets consumer demands with an interactive smartphone app that provides the reassurance and convenience of remote arming and disarming.


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