Hydro Power

Gear looks into a number of energy generation traditions including hydroelectric power. As a corporation we assist government and private sector to design and implement renewable source electricity production. We strategize in creating a solution for the client be a singular unit, mesh oh hybrid system by using the force of water.

Coal Power

For many years electricity has been generated using fossil fuels like coal. Gear designs power station layouts and installs large generators including transformers to any coal power producers for optimal use. We‘ve gathered all the best minds around the globe to ensure the coal plant operates optimally around the clock.

Geothermal Power

A number of countries around the world have tapped into the earth’s heat that produces continuous thermal energy that can be harnessed to power generators to produce electricity. The beauty of Gear geothermal energy is that it is 100% clean by creating large sums of energy thus costs are decreased as the years go by.


The world has numerous ways that mankind can utilize to obtain electricity and wind power is one of those ways. Gear has invested resources and intellectual aspirations to bring wind power to millions of people by installing wind farms and utilities. We as a company have managed to tie together the ability to supply clean wind force power to those who deserve it the most. Wind energy devices come in different shapes and sizes whereby the smaller components can be used to generate power for street lights and electronic billboards.

Wind Power

Solar Power

  • Hybrid system
  • If the grid fails and you use a backup generator, or if you are in a region without grid power at all, the solar installation will simply synchronize with your generators. It can switch between the grid or the generator, whilst still using electricity produced by the solar panels.
  • By using solar, you’ll reduce the power consumed from the grid, and the amount of fuel consumed by generators
  • Controllers protect your generator. And even if a cloud should pass in front of the sun, the solar controls will increase the output from the standby generator ensuring a stable and consistent electrical supply to your business.
  • We also provide home solar systems that include panel, battery and inventors to ensure the energy you require is at maximal point without straining the electricity bill.



  • Feasibility study and site planning appraisal
  • Grid liaison
  • Detailed modelling and scheme design
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Preparation and submission of the planning application
  • Acquisition of developed projects


The corporation supplies various types of fuel generators whether they are industrial use, commercial utilization or plain home usage, we will ensure you get the device that suits your requirement. Our products are outsourced from various known manufactures around the world and they are sure to produces the energy you require to meet growing demand.

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